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Sea facing 1-4 Bedroom Apartment, starting from $ 275.000,00

 Payment Plan:

  • Pay 20% On Booking
  • Pay 75% During Construction
  • Pay 5% On Handover

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Pre-sales in real estate refer to the process of selling properties before they are fully constructed or completed. This concept might sound a bit unusual at first, but it’s a common practice in many parts of the world.
Features of Pre-sales:
1/Early Bird Access: Buyers get the opportunity to select their preferred units or plots before they are open to the general public.
2/ Customization Options: Early buyers might get the chance to customize certain aspects of their property, such as finishes or layouts.
3/ Price Advantage: Properties in the pre-sales phase are usually priced lower than the completed ones, giving early investors a potential price advantage.
4/ Modern Amenities & Facilities:
New off-plan developments in Sint Maarten often come with modern amenities and facilities that cater to residents' lifestyle needs. These can include state-of-the-art fitness centers, swimming pools, landscaped gardens, communal areas, and more. By investing in an off-plan property, you can enjoy these contemporary features and enhance your quality of life.




Project Description

There are three different types of apartments to choose from – 5 unique floor plans ranging from junior one-bedrooms to two-bed, one penthouse rooftop

Every detail has been thoughtfully considered and meticulously styled to meet the high standards of contemporary sophistication.
Apartments Sizes:
The new project KUTA TWO situated in Beacon Hill Road, will offer different sizes of apartments ranging from 63.4 M2 One Bedroom apartments to 106.8 M2 Two Bedroom Apartment , and one Penthouse of 195.8 M2 with 193 M2 of terrace.

Beacon Hill - SXM


Geographical location on the ground is siutated in Beacon Hill Road in Sint Maarten.

This is a magnificient site, unique and attractive close to the popular Maho Beach and the famous aeroport international Princess Juliana. It takes place by 5 minutes on foot from Kuta Two.
It is also an incredible aera near to the lot of different commerces, bars, clubs, restaurants as the Sunset Bar which is really appreciated to watch aircrafts landings.
 The building has a panoramic view on the sea and on the beach. The pool and the bar area has imagined to create a magical experience far away a classic city life, and to spend pleasant moments in relaxing venue.



Enjoy the perfect combination of style, comfort and convenience.


Payment PlanP

Payment Plan

A. Seller is developing a residential property located in the district Beacon Hill Maho in Sint Maarten, further described as a subdivision with lot numbers 234 / 303 / 316 / 235 and with an area of approximately 2,898 M2, of which Seller is the owner. 

B. The residential property consists of a building 4 levels complex entailing 14 (fourteen) apartments, which will be built and developed by Seller.

Payment Plan


Deposit 20%

Deposit 20% (up to 50% depending on buyer) of the Purchase price will be paid in installments by the Buyer before the 31st January 2024 (special offer valid) and is necessary to reserve and commence with the construction of the unit, such as commencing with and finalizing the architectural drawing, architectural work. 

The second deposit of 20% is necessary to start the construction of the foundation of the building: demolition, security, and site preparation. Buyer will pay the Purchase price no later than 1st July 2024.


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Deposit 30%

The third deposit of 30% of the Purchase price will be paid ultimately within two (2) weeks (14 calendar days) after completion of the concrete foundation and base rock, walls, and rooftop, and after commencement with the installation of the plumbing system, and electrical and drain systems [board electricity, cables, pipes, septic tank]. Seller will notify Buyer in writing when installation commences (estimate 12 months later start the construction)

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deposit of 25%

The fourth deposit of 25% of the Purchase price will be paid ultimately within two (2) weeks (14 calendar days) after completion of the aforementioned phase of construction, namely when the plumbing system and electrical and drain systems have been installed, system and electrical and drain systems have been installed and after installation of electricity [interrupters, breakers, LED lights] / plumber [pipes, faucets, lavatory, toilet, bathrooms, showers, kitchens, water tank] / interior finishing [tiles, flooring, painting, ceiling, dressing, kitchen furniture, doors, glass doors, windows]. The seller will notify the Buyer in writing when the aforementioned phase of construction is completed.

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balance 5% 

The balance 5% of the Purchase price as well as costs and taxes will be paid at the moment of the execution of the notarial deed of transfer at the Notary. 

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